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Be proud of your city!

About us

Zürich is not just a city, we think it’s much more. With it’s perfect world, the lake and the location of the place, the people in it, this belongs to the one of the most extraordinary places in the world. For us, it symbolise a dream, a dream which we would like to express in our own Caps. All our designs are a combination of style and culture of the city.

We truly believe in uniqueness, so as a “Stolzer Zürich”-er we would like to sell local products to local people, tourists, so that everyone who is proud of Zürich, can show love with our Caps. To be proud of this city is our biggest achievement.

We think that not only Zürich has an individual and wonderful feeling, where we see our inspiration, this is just the beginning. What we want to bring to our customers are proud and unique feelings. We’d like to show what these cities means to us.